Projects & Activities
Extending the ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Reference Catalogue (1900-2009)

This project will work on incremental improvement of the ISC-GEM Catalogue, extending the magnitude content of the Catalogue prior to 1960. Every year an upgraded version of the Catalogue will be made available. At the end of the project, in four years’ time, we expect:


tick   the ISC-GEM Catalogue will have been extended for 2010-2013
tick   the magnitude cut-off in the period 1918-1960 will be reduced to 5.5
tick   the magnitude cut-off in the period 1900-1917 will be reduced to 6


This work is likely to quadruple the current number of pre-1960 earthquakes available for study. Many smaller yet very damaging earthquakes of the past will be available for analysis of their world seismic hazard and risk.

The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies (CCRS)

This project will build on the strong work that CCRS has done on using scenarios and produce work in collaboration with the Insurance Industry that reviews:


tick   Application of line of business data taxonomy and appropriate categories, including aggregation methods
tick   Best Practice Manual for creating scenarios
tick   Best Practice Guide for Insurers: understanding application of scenarios